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مشاهده سایت hilandbeauty

درباره طراحی سایت|

HILAND is the story of a Beauty business, developed by Shaya Shamszadeh in 2001. The chalenge of transforming the traditional closed retail environment into an open space customer friendly atmosphere lead us to develop a unique retail concept in Iran. HILAND has been leading the Iranian beauty market since, setting new commercial trends by transforming consumer behaviour. We at HILAND believe that ” Beauty is a permanent quest ” and through this simple philosophy, we have build a solid and sustainable business model by providing ever increasing awareness of our Clients through our Points of Sales Associates, Customer club, Online presence and our Newsletters. Through this simple convictions we have been able to openly communicate and create an organization based on continues improvement and respect.Through strategic investment, Hiland has become a knowledge based retailer. By investing in Training and Technology as our core corporate competency and thus, today with the opportunities of expansion on the horizon, through this foresight we have managed to expand at sustainable rates in such a short span of time...